The Esports Trade Association Launches Consultation Letter Service For O & P U.S. Visas

July 25, 2023

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CHICAGO – July 25, 2023 – The Esports Trade Association today announced the launch of a Consultation Letter service initiative for O & P Visas.


The Esports Trade Association aims to represent and support professional esports athletes, coaches, broadcasters, teams, and event organizers, as well as the leading companies in the esports industry. As part of ESTA’s mission to promote the expansion of the esports industry, the member-based association has created a service to provide consultation letters for members and non-members as a peer group for esports professionals. These letters are required for foreign nationals who are seeking to obtain an O-1 or P-1A visa to enter the United States. Accordingly, the Association will provide these letters for internationally recognized esports athletes as well as other qualified esports professionals to be used in support of the individual’s visa petition and application.


Megan Van Petten, Founder of the Esports Trade Association stated “We love to support our members, our community, and the esports industry as a whole and this is a great new opportunity for the Esports Trade Association to do just that.”


Justin M. Jacobson, Esq., a member of the Esports Trade Association and an esports and video game attorney mentioned that “This initiative is crucial to the further development of the nation’s esports scene as the receipt of this type of letter can be beneficial in an individual’s visa application and the document is especially important in light of recent denials of visas impacting the national esports ecosystem.”

ESTA Consultation Letter Service for O and P U.S. Visas

We will be having an open forum/information session about this initiative on Tuesday, August 1 at 12:00 pm CST on LinkedIn Live and Twitch to answer any questions and speak on the benefits, problems it solves, etc. Interested parties can learn more on the Esports Trade Association’s website at


About the Esports Trade Association

The Esports Trade Association promotes, protects, and advances the broader interests of the esports community. The organization accomplishes this by providing forward-thinking professional development programs, networking opportunities, relevant industry research, and valuable tools and resources to the membership. ESTA focuses on promoting business expertise and sustainable growth of the esports industry by growing the number of participants, sponsors, products, and services, procuring industry research, and executing industry events. Learn more about the ESTA and its mission statement at


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