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Episode 47

Why Live Events Can Have So Much Impact

Episode 46

Helping Event Organizers Bringing Gaming and Esports To Life with Kelvin Hill/I Play Games!

Episode 45

Creating Better Gaming Stations in Esports with Monica Miller

Episode 44

Creating Some of Esports Biggest Tournaments with Matt Jackson

Episode 43

The Importance of Mental and Physical Health in Gaming with FitGMR

Episode 42

Why The Future is Bright For Young Gamers with Brandon Brunhammer

Episode 41

Streamlining the Esports Event Process with Jason Tirado and Mike Ellsworth

Episode 40

Marketing and Branding Trends in Esports with Kevin Pustizzi and Ryan Harbinson

Episode 39

Live From EsportsNext: Merging the Worlds of Digital and Reality to Create Amazing Experiences with Scott Greenberg

Episode 38

Live From EsportsNext: How the Level-Up Fund is Changing Lives in Esports with April Welch

Episode 37

Live From EsportsNext: Creating Data That Drives Some of Today’s Most Important Marketing Decisions with Roger Payne

Episode 36

Live From EsportsNext: Helping To Create Equality in the Gaming Community with Joanie Kraut

Episode 35

The Legal Mistakes That Can Be Costly For Gamers with Justin Jacobson

Episode 34

Live From EsportsNext: Marketing With An Esports Twist with Leslie Fitzsimmons


Episode 33

Live From EsportsNext: Offering More Opportunities for Growth in Esports with April Welch and John Davidson


Episode 32

Connecting Immigration Law With Esports with Hiba Anver


Episode 31

Live From EsportsNext: Building the Next Generation of Gaming Professionals 


Episode 30

Live From EsportsNext: How To Make the Gaming Industry Even Better

Episode 29

Live From EsportsNext: Helping Athletes Perform at Optimal Levels

Episode 28

Live From EsportsNext: Unifying the Gaming Industry


Episode 27

Live From EsportsNext: The Dallas Mavericks and Esports


Episode 26

Live From EsportsNext: The Power of Networking


Episode 25

Helping Parents Navigate the World of Esports


Episode 24

Live From EsportsNext: Charles Conroy and Erik Anderson


Episode 23

NFT's and the Future of Mobile Gaming With Jeff Donnelley



Episode 22

How To Value Your Esports Company


Episode 21

Merging Technologies In the World of Gaming With Brandon Brunhammer


Episode 20

Mentoring the College Esports Community With Jeffrey Weiss


Episode 19

Helping Gaming Enthusiasts Find Careers in Esports With Kim Shatzer


Episode 18

Creating Video Game Events with Kevin Fair

Episode 17

Helping Athletes and Leaders To Unlock What's Holding Them Back with Mike Nichols


Episode 16

Why Every Industry Should Pay Attention to Esports Events With Rebecca de Freitas


Episode 15

How To Create Engagement During Virtual and Hybrid Events with Jacob Ramey


Episode 14

Building a Career in the Esports Industry With Trevor Johnson


Episode 13

Finding Ways To Bring the Gaming Community Together With Dexter Carr, Jr.


Episode 12

Helping Esports Businesses Outsource With Dawn Hershik


Episode 11

Building the Next Generation of Gaming Enthusiasts With Freddie Halstead


Episode 10

Building Non-Toxic Gaming Communities With Wes Byrd


Episode 9

Connecting Esports To All Communities With Bubba Gaeddert


Episode 8

The Hospitality Industry Post-Pandemic With Heather Larson


Episode 7

The Transition From Traditional Sports to Esports with Caleb Smith


Episode 6

Developing Professional Esports Teams with John Smith-Howell


Episode 5

The Power of the Esports Community with James O’Hagan


Episode 4

The Importance of Insurance For Esports Companies with Chris Johnson


Episode 3

The Power of the Esports Community with Brandon Tschacher


Episode 2

Understanding Valuations for Esports Companies with Rohan Bose


Episode 1

Thriving With Esports Events During a Pandemic & Shutdown with Ed Tomasi & Loren Gold


Esports Decoded

With Formula One Esports growing success, it’s expected that sim-racing can go even further into the mainstream with a mix of real and virtual drivers both on virtual and real-life circuits. Julian Tan Ph.D., Head of Digital Business Initiatives & Esports at Formula 1 joins us to talk about the success, challenges, and learning F1 has experienced as they move into the esports space.


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