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Episode 14

Building a Career in the Esports Industry With Trevor Johnson


Episode 13

Finding Ways To Bring the Gaming Community Together With Dexter Carr, Jr.


Episode 12

Helping Esports Businesses Outsource With Dawn Hershik


Episode 11

Building the Next Generation of Gaming Enthusiasts With Freddie Halstead


Episode 10

Building Non-Toxic Gaming Communities With Wes Byrd


Episode 9

Connecting Esports To All Communities With Bubba Gaeddert


Episode 8

The Hospitality Industry Post-Pandemic With Heather Larson


Episode 7

The Transition From Traditional Sports to Esports with Caleb Smith


Episode 6

Developing Professional Esports Teams with John Smith-Howell


Episode 5

The Power of the Esports Community with James O’Hagan


Episode 4

The Importance of Insurance For Esports Companies with Chris Johnson


Episode 3

The Power of the Esports Community with Brandon Tschacher


Episode 2

Understanding Valuations for Esports Companies with Rohan Bose


Episode 1

Thriving With Esports Events During a Pandemic & Shutdown with Ed Tomasi & Loren Gold


Esports Decoded

With Formula One Esports growing success, it’s expected that sim-racing can go even further into the mainstream with a mix of real and virtual drivers both on virtual and real-life circuits. Julian Tan Ph.D., Head of Digital Business Initiatives & Esports at Formula 1 joins us to talk about the success, challenges, and learning F1 has experienced as they move into the esports space.


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