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Gaming and Esports Industry Awards

These industry awards aim to acknowledge and honor the outstanding achievements, innovative contributions, and exceptional individuals and organizations that have played a pivotal role in shaping and advancing the industry.

2023 Award Winners

Brand Maverick

The Coca-Cola Company

Beyond the Game Award

SHI International Corp.

The Coca-Cola Company is honored for its significant contributions to the esports and gaming landscape. Their endorsement of esports through their partnership with Riot Games as well as their commitment to engaging both casual and competitive audiences through their state-of-the-art ESIX Gaming campus with Six Flags highlights their innovative approach to fostering growth in the esports and competitive gaming community.

SHI International Corp is recognized for its outstanding contributions to the esports industry. As a technology concierge, they provide comprehensive IT solutions and services to support organizational growth. Their expertise in modernizing workplaces, cybersecurity, cloud optimization, and software portfolio management has played a pivotal role in transforming learning spaces for esports in schools.

Rising Star

Gina Johnson, iGameUSA An RPG World Corp.

Pixel Perfect

UBEX, Lightware Visual Engineering

The Gaming in Healthcare Award

Extra Life Program at Lurie Children’s Hospital

Mover and Shaker Award

Dr. Amy and Dr. Tom Czyz,
Intent Brands

As the founder of iGameUSA and a dedicated Gamer & Diversity Advocate, Gina Johnson has made significant contributions. iGameUSA is an educational nonprofit that seeks to change the negative perspective the public has had on video games.

UBEX brings a vast difference to AV operations. UBEX is an unrivaled AV-over-IP device that delivers pixel-accurate 4K60 video in real-time, from live events to esports to XR applications with Dolby Atmos capabilities for the ultimate immersive experience.

Extra Life is a fundraising program of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®. The program is recognized for harnessing the power of gaming to raise funds and awareness for children’s hospitals, exemplifying the positive impact of esports on healthcare.

Dr. Tom and Dr. Amy Czyz are acknowledged as true innovators in the esports industry, introducing groundbreaking products at the grassroots level with Intent Brands including Sly™ that enhance the holistic health and performance of gamers and esports athletes.

Game Changer

Six Flags

Data Hero

YouGov America Inc.

Esports Agency All-Star Award

The Story Mob

Ambassador of the Year Award

Danielle Rourke

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is honored for revolutionizing the theme park industry’s approach to esports through the introduction of ESIX Gaming, a cutting-edge competitive gaming campus that redefines industry standards.

YouGov receives this award for its exceptional contributions to the esports industry through comprehensive data intelligence, empowering esports businesses with insights that inform strategic decisions and drive success.

The Story Mob, a communications consultancy for gaming culture and digital entertainment, is celebrated for its unique approach to communications, showcasing innovation and mastery in a rapidly evolving industry.

Danielle Rourke is celebrated as the Esports Industry Ambassador of the Year for her exceptional contributions to esports education and research, and for fostering strong, collaborative relationships within the esports industry.

Member of the Year Award

Dexter Carr Jr., Game4Good

Member of the Year Award

Christopher Silbernagel, Premier Travel Media

Social Impact Award

Gordon Hinkle, College Esports International

Dexter Carr Jr, MHA is honored as Member of the Year for his outstanding contributions to the gaming and esports community, showcasing his roles as a business strategist and social entrepreneur.

Christopher Silbernagel is acknowledged as Member of the Year for his exceptional achievements in writing and editing within the gaming and esports industry, as well as the production of the EsportsNext 2023 magazine.

Gordon Hinkle is commended for his significant contributions to the international growth of college esports, promoting healthy competition and training programs that benefit esports athletes in multiple sectors.

Industry Award Descriptions

Beyond the Game Award:

The Beyond the Game Award celebrates the organization that has demonstrated outstanding achievement as the leading supporting organization for esports technology in the past year. This award recognizes the exceptional efforts and contributions made by an organization that has set the highest standards in advancing esports technology, ensuring seamless and innovative experiences for players, teams, and fans.

Brand Maverick Award:

The Brand Maverick Award celebrates the trailblazing brand that has demonstrated exceptional innovation and creativity in the esports industry. This award recognizes the company that has fearlessly pushed boundaries, challenged conventions, and redefined brand engagement within the gaming community. The recipient of this award has successfully captured the spirit of esports through groundbreaking campaigns, strategic partnerships, and authentic connections, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

The Gaming in Healthcare Award:

The Gaming in Healthcare Award celebrates the individual or organization that has displayed outstanding achievement or innovation in utilizing gaming to support healthcare in the past year. This award recognizes those who have harnessed the power of gaming to positively impact patient outcomes, therapeutic interventions, mental health support, and wellness initiatives. The recipient of this award has demonstrated the potential of gaming to revolutionize healthcare and improve the well-being of individuals and communities.

Mover and Shaker Award:

The Mover and Shaker Award acknowledges individuals or a company that has shaken up the esports industry with an innovative product or service. This award recognizes the pioneers who have introduced groundbreaking products, solutions, or technologies that have propelled the industry. The recipient of this award has demonstrated the ability to rethink the way we approach and experience esports.

Data Hero Award:

The Data Hero Award acknowledges a company that has provided exceptional analytics and reports, significantly assisting in guiding the esports industry. This award recognizes the organization's commitment to delivering comprehensive data-driven insights, empowering stakeholders with valuable information that has propelled the industry forward. The recipient of this award has played a vital role in leveraging data to enhance strategic decision-making and foster growth within the esports ecosystem.

Pixel Perfect Award:

The Pixel Perfect Award honors the Product of the Year that has elevated the gaming experience to new heights. This award recognizes the outstanding quality, innovation, and user-centric design of a product that has significantly enhanced the gameplay, comfort, or overall immersion for gamers. The recipient of this award has introduced a groundbreaking product that showcases meticulous attention to detail, seamless functionality, and a deep understanding of the needs and desires of the gaming community.

Game Changer Award:

The Game Changer Award recognizes an individual who has gone above and beyond to support the esports industry in impactful ways. This award celebrates the visionaries, innovators, and catalysts who have made a lasting and transformative impact on the esports landscape. The recipient of this award has displayed exceptional leadership, introduced groundbreaking initiatives, or contributed significantly to the growth, development, and professionalization of esports as a whole.

Social Impact Award:

The Social Impact Award celebrates individuals or organizations within the esports industry that have made a significant positive contribution to society through their actions and initiatives. This prestigious award recognizes those who have harnessed the power of esports to drive meaningful change, inspire others, and make a lasting impact on their communities and beyond.

Esports Agency All-Star Award:

The Esports Agency of the Year Award celebrates the exceptional agency that has displayed outstanding dedication, expertise, and innovation in representing and supporting gamers while driving the growth and development of the esports industry. This prestigious award recognizes the agency that has gone above and beyond in providing comprehensive services, strategic guidance, and unparalleled advocacy for esports athletes, teams, and organizations.

Members of the Year Award:

The Members of the Year Award honors exceptional ESTA members who have dedicated tremendous time and effort to advancing the organization's goals and initiatives in the past year. This award recognizes the member's commitment, participation, and contributions to the success and growth of ESTA. The recipient of this award has played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, driving progress, and strengthening the esports industry through their invaluable support.

Ambassador of the Year Award:

The Ambassador of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has made an incredible impact in promoting and growing the esports industry. This award celebrates the exceptional dedication, leadership, and advocacy demonstrated by the individual in driving awareness, engagement, and participation in esports industry programs and initiatives. The recipient of this award has served as a passionate advocate, championing the values of the industry and actively contributing to its overall success.

Rising Star Award:

The Rising Star Award celebrates up-and-coming talents within the esports industry who have shown exceptional promise, skill, and potential. This accolade aims to recognize individuals whose dedication, performance, and contributions have significantly impacted the esports landscape, foreshadowing a bright future for them in the industry.


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