ESTA committees gather the top executives of our member companies to network and share information on leading practices, operational challenges, and industry trends. These leaders work collaboratively to identify opportunities that could have a strategic impact on member organizations and provide direction to ESTA's efforts in the various functional areas. Participation offers meaningful dialogue and an impactful connection with true industry peers.

Our Committees

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The Business Development Committee will explore ways ESTA and our members can thrive by generating innovative, stimulating, and business-driving initiatives. They will focus on the evolving needs of today’s business including adopting new technologies, supervising sponsorships, continuation planning, value-added services, and anything else that impacts an organization's business development.

The Education Committee is responsible for overseeing webinars and other educational content for ESTA.  They will work to ensure our members and the community is able to view and enjoy educational content about the esports space.  This committee will also be responsible for other educational undertakings.

Events Committee is responsible for overseeing and facilitating the organization of all events put on by ESTA. Such events include the Annual Conference, where the committee works to ensure that all aspects of this event, including panels, speakers, sponsors, and all things involving the event are executed properly and efficiently. The Committee also oversees the organization of the smaller events throughout the year. 

The Governance Committee advocates on behalf of the industry and ESTA in terms of governance, regulations, and structure. They create bylaws and policies for ESTA, provide legal opinions on all matters requiring legal overview, including contracts.

The Marketing & Communications Committee is responsible for monitoring and managing ESTA’s website, social media accounts, and their engagement/content. The committee will also supervise media requests, press releases, interviews, podcasts, webinars and more.

The Membership Committee engages with current and prospective members of the ESTA. They work to ensure our membership-at-large is heard, and collect feedback from membership to share with the board. This committee also helps members understand their benefits and encourages a community atmosphere between members.

The Research & Data Committee is responsible for gathering important research data and delivering it to our members, the press, and businesses at large looking to gain important insights into our industry. They contract with nationally recognized polling companies and universities to compile data.

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