Driving Innovation and Growth

Through their unwavering passion and expertise, these individuals are making significant contributions to shape the future of esports, fostering collaboration, and spearheading Esports Trade Association initiatives that propel the industry to new heights.

Shereen El Domeiri

"We're unlocking the power of local esports communities one city at a time. From organizing exciting events to fostering meaningful connections, we're dedicated to fueling your passion for esports and bringing like-minded individuals together locally. We'd love to have you start a chapter in your hometown"

Nik Turner

"With engaging webinars, enlightening educational content, and interactive initiatives, we equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the dynamic esports landscape. Join our vibrant LinkedIn Lives to fuel your passion and drive your success in the industry!"

Megan Van Petten

"Whether you're a strategist, an innovator, or a community builder, our committees offer a platform to unleash your passion and make a meaningful impact. Step up, join a committee, and be part of an extraordinary team dedicated to driving the growth, development, and success of the esports industry."

John Davidson

"We want you to know that membership in the Esports Trade Association is a must for industry professionals. It connects you globally, keeps you informed with cutting-edge research, and opens doors to invaluable educational opportunities. Join us today and be an active part of shaping the future of esports by joining a committee."

Lindsay Poss

"Our mission is to turn moments into memories, and events into extraordinary experiences. We bring together the perfect blend of meticulous planning, creativity, and passion to curate unforgettable gatherings that unite the esports community. Register today for EsportsNext 2024 and discover a world of opportunities."

James Hess

"We are passionate about attracting new members and engaging with current members to ensure their voices are heard. Our member benefits foster a vibrant community where every member can grow, excel, and make a meaningful impact in the esports industry. Become a member of our thriving community today!"

Jill Williamson

"Celebrate the opportunity to be at the forefront of esports growth by joining an ESTA committee! Our committees are the driving force behind industry-shaping decisions, and your expertise can make all the difference. Get excited about the opportunity to help members unpack and impact the regulations that affect the industry."


Committees are a way to volunteer, get involved at Esports Trade Association, and help shape future programs and initiatives. Join a committee to get hands on experience in the esports industry, and help us grow to better serve the industry.


Responsible for the management and execution of all chapter activities, the committee is focused on the evolving needs of our members and their need for in-person community events. This committee provides members with programs, events, and vital networking opportunities.


Responsible for overseeing webinars and other educational content for the association, the committee works to ensure our members and the community are able to view and enjoy educational content about the esports space.  The committee will also be responsible for other educational undertakings.


Responsible for overseeing and facilitating all events including our annual conference, EsportsNext, where the committee works to ensure that all aspects of this event, including panels, speakers, sponsors, and all things involving the event are executed properly and efficiently. The committee also oversees the organization of the smaller events throughout the year. 


Responsible for monitoring and managing our website, social media accounts, and their engagement/content, the committee will also supervise media requests, press releases, interviews, podcasts, webinars, and more.


Responsible for attracting new members and engaging with current and prospective members, the committee is also responsible for ensuring our membership-at-large is heard and collects feedback from the membership to share with the board. This committee is also responsible for helping members understand their benefits and encourages a community atmosphere between members.


Responsible for creating best-practice guidelines as well as providing technical resources and I-gaming expertise to be available for state regulators and esports industry stakeholders to have confidence in the safe operation of video game and esports wagering.


Responsible for gathering important research data and delivering it to our members, the press, and businesses at large looking to gain important insights into our industry. The committee contracts with nationally recognized polling companies and universities to compile data.