Esports Franchise Blends Video Games, Life Skills

April 26, 2021

As the popularity of esports continues to grow at a breakneck pace, parents are (somewhat) coming to terms with the foreign idea of their kids watching other people play video games.

Playing video games all day, however, still seems like a waste of time to many adults, but newcomer XP League frames it differently with a big question about youth development: Is practicing how to play Fortnite or Overwatch in your downtime all that different from kicking a soccer ball against the garage?

“Not all screen time is created equally,” said Jay Melamed, CEO and co-founder of youth esports franchise XP League. “Screen time with objectives and challenges is actually really beneficial.”

He launched XP League in April 2020 and already the concept has 22 franchise locations across the country and five more in development.

“It’s a low-capex model; it’s also a really low operating cost model,” said Melamed, referencing the capital expenditure involved. “The way it works is that each individual franchisee is their own league commissioner. We provide them with this league-in-a-box business model that lets them ramp up pretty quickly. It allows them to come in without a ton of background in gaming, they don’t need to be an esports expert, they just need some business acumen and want to get involved.”

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