The Loco Story – Focusing on Esports and Understanding the Indian Market

November 9, 2020

As the gaming and esports sector in India expands, local streaming platforms have begun to grow their roots and become key stakeholders in the region. With a thriving regional audience and local expertise, these platforms are essential to the industry. Everything from positioning to branding to content and acquisitions have been carefully tailored to fit the needs and wants of the Indian audience and creators. With a good understanding of the market, the audience and the content space, Loco is emerging as one of the top contenders in the region. 

Owned by one of India’s most successful digital content houses, Loco inherits a vast wealth of knowledge from its parent company, Pocket Aces. The company is the name behind several successful digital series made and shared via several platforms that cater to the Indian youth. Sub brands such as Filter Copy and Dice Media have become staples among the Indian urban youth, particularly for their brand of relatable youth-friendly and fresh concepts. Pocket Aces’ success in the digital content space stems from both quality and finding the right niches. It is also indicative of their understanding distribution and reach, all of which are important parameters in gaming content. 

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