Is the esports business immune to COVID-19?

June 8, 2020

With major league sports taking a time out due to COVID-19, eSports is now the hottest game in town, according to a new report from Echelon Wealth Partners analyst Rob Goff, who writes that gamblers and casinos are turning to e-sports as a way to fill the void.

The coronavirus pandemic has done a number on many sectors of the economy but perhaps nowhere is more of a ghost town than major league sports, leaving literally billions of fans with nothing to cheer for aside from computer simulations featuring their favourite teams and players and, of course, an end to the health crisis itself.

But where traditional sports are now dark, eSports have become the only competitive field available in the age of social distancing. Worldwide now, people are spending more time playing video games than streaming videos or hanging out on social media sties, a revelation that speaks to the relative immunity of e-sports to COVID-19, according to Goff, who pointed out that Verizon reported gaming peak hour traffic increased by 75 per cent during the first week of lockdown in North America versus a 12-per-cent increase in video watching and no bump for social media.

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