How Competitions Are Turning To Esports As Digital Gaming Thrives Amid Coronavirus Shutdown

June 1, 2020

With the global sporting shutdown continuing amid the coronavirus pandemic, a host of competitions have been forced to seek new and innovative ways to engage their fans.

For many, this has meant turning their events digital and embracing the fast-growing esports industry.

Already, for several sports, the numbers their digital platforms are reaching far exceed the crowds at their physical events. With 79% of all games purchases made online, and 2.5 billion gamers worldwide to engage with, the potential is huge.

Formula 1 esports event
Formula 1 have spent almost three years developing their esports product F1 ESPORTS

Formula 1 are now set to host a third virtual Grand Prix, on April 19 on the Shanghai circuit, following the cancellation of large swathes of their calendar.Today In: SportsMoney

With five million online viewers across all platforms and participants including cricketer Ben Stokes and pop star Liam Payne, there has been a unique opportunity for F1 to reach beyond its typical market.

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