Super Gen Spends $17.6M on Land for Esports Complex, VSPN to Host First Honor of Kings Auto Battler Competition

November 11, 2019

In the week leading up to the fall season, the temperature in China has begun to cool down, as has the esports business news in the country. Nevertheless, there were still a number of partnerships and tournament news worth reporting on.

Among the top stories: Edward Gaming’s parent company Super Gen spent $17.6M USD for land in the Shanghai Minhang District to develop an esports complex; tournament organizer VSPN partnered with live streaming platform Douyu to host the first Honor of Kings auto battler competition; Gaojing partnered with car-sharing service Liandong Yun for World University Cyber Games; and NetEase announced that the Warcraft III Gold League 2019 Winter Season will feature $70K in total prize money – the biggest prize money tournament for WarCraft III of this year.

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