Another Restaurant Chain Embraces A Draw

March 15, 2019


The new video game phenomenon of esports has made another inroad into the restaurant business with the installation of terminals for simultaneous live play inside the GameWorks fun-and-food chain.

The eSport Lounges will enable 20 to 40 guests to play the same video game simultaneously, either casually or in tournaments offering prizes to the winners. GameWorks said it plans to hold tournaments at least once a month. Players can have food and beverages brought to their seats from The Works Kitchen, the restaurant component of GameWorks branches.

Esports is evolving into a major spectator sport, where an audience can watch contestants and see depictions of their game screens as they compete for purses sometimes running into millions of dollars. The activity has been increasing at the rate of 17% a year, and already constituted a $138 billion business by the end of 2018, according to research and consulting firm IDG Consulting.

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