Globe, Mineski unveil professional eSports team

March 4, 2019

GLOBE Telecom, in partnership with Mineski, made the next big move in the competitive eSports arena by unveiling a professional eSports team called “Liyab,” which will be debuting with teams from world-renowned eSports titles, League of Legends and Hearthstone; as well as the 30th Southeast Asian Games (SEA) new medal game, Arena of Valor.

Globe president and chief executive officer (CEO) Ernest Cu said the creation of a professional eSports team is part of the company’s vision through the Globe Games and eSports program to accelerate the development of eSports in Philippines.

“Liyab will be the symbol of the country’s burning passion and pride in global eSports events,” Cu said. “Liyab, which translates to ‘Blaze,’ represents the team’s intense passion and focus in the realm of eSports.”

Through its partnership with Mineski, the eSports pioneer and authority in the Philippines, Globe is committed to further strengthening the country’s eSports program and solidifying the Philippines’ position alongside the established eSports giants in the region.

Mineski CEO and president Ronald Robins believes that eSports is now at a stage whereby new roles are being filled in to assure the constant growth and progress of the athletes. Liyab will establish a professional sports team management system by introducing sports science, mental and physical programs, as well as proper training facilities – moving away from playing houses. “With the proper management system, we strongly believe we can overcome the hurdles and set an example for many to follow suit as well so to make each country competitive with each game and also to promote a stronger region overall,” said Robins.

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