Transforming eSports through the innovative power of startups

January 14, 2019


Microsoft’s Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) and its Sports Thinkers program has already shown the power that innovative startups can bring to helping transform organisations, with Real Sociedad’s stadium being one such example. Now, the Sports Thinkers program is setting its sights on a different arena – eSports.

With its strategic partner Mediapro, this new Sports Thinkers initiative aims to identify and select innovative ideas that will have a positive impact on the digital treatment of business models associated to support eSports, while offering collaborative business opportunities with Mediapro.

The companies that register to participate must work on the solutions that can be applied to the following thematic areas:

1. Generation of business linked to professional and amateur eSports (content, cross sales, consumption analysis of pricing and consumer segmentation).

2. New disruptive scenarios in monetization of different platforms and digital assets linked to eSports.

3. Enhance the use of fan profiles, visualization of information and statistics.

4. Generation of personalized content (video, images and audio) and cross-selling of other products / services.

5. Experiences related to immersive and 360º audio technologies.

Iris Córdoba, the General Director of the GSIC, highlights that “We are aware of the impact that eSports are having on the sports industry and that they are becoming increasingly famous at the level of sponsorship and spectators, but it’s true that there is a space to promote…

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