Game Changer – Minecraft Is, As, and For Education

June 7, 2021

Explore over ten years of Minecraft curriculum experiences in schools, museums, and public engagements worldwide. From the basics of teaching mathematics with blocks of wool, to a fully realised trip through the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo. The first steps a refugee takes when fleeing war in a Refugee Crisis narrative, to a walk with John Lewis to meet Ghandi, Rosa Parks, and Malala through a history of civil rights. From the streets of Pompeii on the day of the fatal eruption to a zombie apocalypse in which only your skills in mathematics can save you. A Carnival in which coding is a very real kind of magic, to a league of literacy in which the books we read come to life! Add Esports into the mix and Minecraft offers the ultimate platform for the meaningful transformation of our classrooms in a post-pandemic education landscape. Find out how all of this and more can impact your students, their education, and their future careers.

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