Member Spotlight: Rohan Bose

March 28, 2021

How did you get started in esports?

I attended a Dallas Startup Week event in 2018 that introduced me to the industry and have had the goal of working in esports ever since.

Since you’ve entered the esports industry, what has been the biggest industry change or trend that you’ve seen?

Better awareness of the industry from the general public.

What work has the company done within the esports industry?

I’ve done financial consulting: creation of financial models, projections, and analysis.

From your perspective, what would you like to see the esports industry do better?

I would like to see more data and transparency from a financial standpoint.

What do you imagine the state of the esports industry will be like in 10 years?

I think it will have evolved from a young industry to an established one with more standardization.

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