The Power of an Esports Ecosystem

October 20, 2020

Esports has quickly become a sought-after industry as the world goes through a digital transformation. Investors, entrepreneurs and esports enthusiasts are trying now more than ever to break into esports and make an impact. Even during a global pandemic, the gaming industry has increased in popularity, viewership, investment, and the market has seen unprecedented support from the traditional sports world. As the industry grows, so will the community around it. There has been a huge increase in those looking to create a career in this cutting-edge world. So how does anyone “break into” the esports scene? How does one go about building a stronger and impactful ecosystem? How do we educate, equip, and empower the next generation of esports thought leaders and professionals – in the business of esports and competition. With such a large influx of companies (both endemic and non-endemic) trying to find their space in the industry and individuals fighting for their chance to make their mark; the industry can feel complex, making it easy to lose focus. Finding or building the right ecosystem balances the complexity of the industry and positions you to enter the space fundamentally and meaningfully.

In this webinar, we are not only going to explore how to meaningfully enter the esports space, but we will also discuss how to properly foster the community so that fans gain access to content, become highly engaged, and are dynamically entertained. We will also discuss the following topics:

  • Engaging and reaching out to the community for insight and feedback
  • Developing esports leagues, sourcing local talent, and creating local/virtual events
  • Using education and creating a pipeline for talent pursuing esports professions or seeking to go pro in competitive gaming
  • Connecting with institutions, enterprises, students, and parents wanting to explore the industry

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