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Numbers At A Glance

In 2018, there were 222 million people viewing esports worldwide.

FIGURE 1. Esports Viewership in the U.S. and Globally
United StatesGlobal
Total31 million222 million
Adults19 million102 million
Teens12 million120 million

The growth of the number of people viewing esports worldwide has exploded over the years.

FIGURE 2. Number of Esports Viewers (2012-2022)
YearEsports Viewers
201276 million
2014114 million
2015115 million
2016160 million
2017192 million
2018222 million
2019*253 million
2022*347 million

*Predicted values

Esports revenue in 2019 will grow 27% higher than 2018 and will reach an almost $1.1 billion value.

FIGURE 3. Esports Revenue (2017-2019)
Merchandise, Tickets & Game Publisher Fees$187 million$183 million$199 million
Brand Investment Revenue$468 million$682 million$897 million
Total Revenue$655 million$865 million$1,096 million