Membership Information

ESTA Membership Information

In 2018, ESTA was formed to provide an opportunity for advertisers, sponsors, and business executives to direct the sustainable growth of the esports industry. ESTA is the platform for those looking to gain knowledge, effectively reach an exciting and underserved market, and will provide industry research, networking opportunities, and professional development of our stakeholders.

Connect with Leaders in the Industry

ESTA is a platform that provides networking opportunities, professional development, and a collective voice for a wide and diverse group of stakeholders in the esports industry. ESTA membership is a great way to connect and gives you the opportunity to shape the direction of the esports industry at a time of phenomenal growth.

Member-Only Resources and Discounts

ESTA members have access to resources through a members-only database which includes the membership directory, ESTA membership badge, and a discount on event registrations.

Annual Cost of Membership

A Corporate Membership is $1,200 annually for up to five members. An Individual Membership is $595 annually.

Dues Renewal

ESTA membership dues are renewed on an annual basis. When renewing your membership, you will still remain on the same yearly membership cycle.

If you’d like to request more information or have further questions about membership, please contact us at