• Business Development Committee
  • Events / Awards Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Membership / Web Committee
  • Public Relations / Research Committee

Each ESTA committee focuses on a specific aspect of the organization that continues to benefit its stakeholders and drive growth and awareness of ESTA. Our committees are always looking for new volunteers, ideas, and perspectives. If you’re interested in getting more involved in ESTA, consider joining one of our committees.

Committee Requirements:

Stakeholders of each committee must be in good standing with ESTA and agree to stay involved with the committee for a minimum of a six-month term.

Committee Appointments:

ESTA committee members are appointed by the President. Committees typically meet monthly via teleconference with sporadic in-person opportunities. To join a committee, please contact us at

The Business Development Committee brainstorms and oversees business development initiatives, ideas, and implementation.

The Awards / Events Committee serves as a resource to help create the best annual conferences, events, and regional workshops/meetings by providing insight and training and coordinating the resources necessary to accomplish these goals. They are also involved in the organization and operations of our annual Industry Awards.

The Finance Committee is responsible for budgeting, financial reporting, contingency planning, investment policy, and reserve policy. The committee prepares monthly reports to the Executive Committee and assists other committees and staff in financial matters.

The Governance Committee helps the Board carry out its due diligence function related to healthy development and operation of the board, its committees and task forces, and performance of the individual board members. Provides direction on legal matters and sets priorities on handling issues that uniquely affect esports players and companies and recommends broad policy direction to board of directors. Oversees the creation of bylaws and the policies and procedures.

Stakeholder / Web Committee personally engages current and prospective stakeholders of ESTA. They serve as a resource and sounding board to ESTA’s stakeholder staff on the development of recruitment and retention strategies. Through this engagement, the Committee creates a sense of community — face-to-face and virtually — that enhances the stakeholders experience and strengthens the association. Additionally, the Committee oversees the overall web experience and offers direction and feedback as needed in efforts to enhance and strengthen the organization’s web presence.

The Public Relations / Research Committee represents the organization to the community; enhances the organization’s image, including communications with the press. The Committee also oversees and conducts specific research and/or data gathering to make decisions about a current major function in the organization.