Committee Positions


The ESTA is comprised of various committees that serve our membership. Committee members are both board members (who typically serve as the committee chair) as well as approved members at large. Our executive committee (President, Vice President, Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary) manage the association’s finances, in part with our association management company (AMC). Our AMC handles day-to-day oversight of our website, apps, social media, and is on the front line for questions and concerns from both our membership and the public.

Executive Committee

  • Chairman
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Conference Committee

  • The Conference Committee is responsible for planning all aspects of our annual conference, including its location, panels, speakers, sponsors, and all things involving the event.

Legal Committee

  • The legal committee provides legal opinions on all contracts as well as other subject-matter requiring legal overview such as the management of our board bylaws.

Legislative Affairs

  • The Legislative Affairs Committee advocates on behalf of the industry in terms of laws and regulations. Our committee meets with state and federal representatives, lobbyists, and member-companies, helping keep esports exciting, fair, lawful, and friendly to business. 

Membership Committee

  • The Membership Committee engages with current and prospective members of the ESTA. They work to ensure our membership-at-large is heard, and collect feedback from membership to share with the board. This committee also helps members understand their benefits and encourages a community atmosphere between members.

PR Committee

  • The PR Committee is responsible for monitoring and managing all things public relations. This committee supervises media requests, press releases, interviews, and more.

Research & Data Committee

  • The Research & Data Committee is responsible for gathering important research data and delivering it to our members, the press, and businesses at large looking to gain important insights into our industry. They contract with nationally recognized polling companies and universities to compile data.

Social Media Committee

  • The Social Media Committee is responsible for monitoring and managing ESTA’s social media pages, profiles, and content.

Web Committee

  • The Web Committee is responsible for monitoring and managing ESTA’s website. This committee oversees the content and updates to the website.