Players to Know in LA’s Fast-Growing Professional Esports Industry

May 24, 2021

Most Los Angeles residents are well-acquainted with local teams like the Dodgers, Lakers and Rams — as well as the massive venues where they play their home games.

But fewer Angelenos may be aware of the hugely popular esports franchises that call L.A. home.

Over the last decade the city has emerged as a hub for professional video gaming. Some of the world’s most popular and fastest growing esports franchises are housed in high-tech facilities across L.A., with many clustered around Silicon Beach.

Although the teams may not be household names for mainstream sports fans, viewership data show they have captured the attention of tens of millions of young gamers around the globe.

“I don’t think esports is niche,” said Walter Wang, vice president of operations at esports company SoloMid Corp., also known as TSM. “There’s enough people watching already, and it’s only going to increase because more people are growing up playing video games.”

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