Music and Esports: Business Intersection That Is Worth Investing

April 2, 2021

Esports leagues and music labels collaboration is not something new or extraordinary now. Both parts equally benefit from this prosperous partnership. There are multiple ways of how these two industries can upscale by the means of each other. For example, musicians such as Jennifer Lopez or Steve Aoki invest in esports leagues. On the other hand, music labels such as Universal Music Group obtain esports ventures (Luminosity Gaming and Enter Records). Major esports tournaments are usually attended by famous bands and performers like Mick Jenkins, Imagine Dragons, or Metallica. In this regard, game developers cooperate with composers and artists to create a memorable and captivating experience and attract a larger audience to key events.


In the past, you could witness the rise of esports-music festivals including such remarkable examples as PLAY Festival by Insomniac and Hyperplay by Riot Games and MTV. One can wonder what encourages these two sectors to the partnership and why the investment into it is constantly increasing. The answer is that it uncovers the potential of growth for both industries. Thus, by the means of this partnership gaming companies transform into viable media brands. They perceive the music business as the source of cultural and financial capital, the pillar and the integral part of the gaming process. On the other end of the spectrum, the music industry is constantly seeking other sources of revenue as well as new ways of representation and involvement of new audiences. In this regard, esports opens up new horizons.

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