How This Esports Company Found Its Edge During the Pandemic

November 6, 2020

Just five years ago, the headquarters of Esposure was CEO Danny Martin’s house.

Not in his garage, or even in a part of his house.

It was his house.

“I turned my loft in 2015 into a full esports arena. It was 2000 square feet—but it was my home. I lived in there and invited everyone to come compete,” Martin said. “That’s how we grew professional gamers, they came out of my home, that facility.”

Martin founded and self-funded Esposure, a company that has expanded during the pandemic from its origins as a proprietary platform for hosting gaming tournaments.

When he was looking for funding five years ago, the world of competitive gaming wasn’t the multi-million-dollar industry it is now. Consequently, Martin wasn’t getting much attention when he sought funding.

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