Competitive video gaming coming to Oregon East

February 7, 2020

Competitive videogaming has gone mainstream, and a couple of local entrepreneurs are bringing a new esports business to the up-and-coming Oregon East entertainment district.

In the spring, Bob and Mary Baldino plan to open a new business called Connect E-Sports in a ground floor space in the Wheelhouse, which is a mixed-use building at East Fourth Street and Wayne Avenue near the Oregon District.

Connect E-Sports will have PC and console gaming stations where players can compete against their friends and others online and take part in tournaments.

Competitive videogaming has a massive and growing U.S. fan base, and Connect E-Sports brings a unique and fresh element to the Oregon East district, which seeks to be a vibrant urban neighborhood, the district’s developer said.

“I think their concept … gives the people that live and work in the area another great choice for fun experiences,” said Lee Weyland, the director of business development for Weyland Ventures.

Connect E-Sports will add to a growing number of downtown businesses that offer experiences instead of retail, including a new axe-throwing and adult-games activity center coming to the Fire Blocks District.

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