Looking behind live esports production

December 16, 2019

Delivering live esports production at scale requires seamless technology integration and tight workflows to optimise the operation and produce esports for massive international audiences.

An IBC365 webinar on Delivering live esports production at scale went behind the scenes to understand the technology and workflow behind producing live esports events with industry experts offering insight on methods to engage audiences and techniques to optimise live productions.

Esports showcase at IBC2019

Esports showcase at IBC2019

The global popularity of esports, the attention from the broadcast and media industry and the overall phenomenon has risen rapidly in the last few years with more eyeballs and revenue growing at an unprecedented rate.

The live production business plays an increasingly important role for technology and service providers, building on their traditional sports experience to deliver some of the biggest transmissions of live events which prove to be complex and technically challenging.

The challenge is turning multidimension live game play into engaging content for millions of viewers across the globe.

Ayesha Frederick, freelance broadcast production specialist has been working in esports production for around a year and a half, mainly as a vision mixer, technical director and in game replay operator for a variety of companies and games.

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