Gen.G’s Chris Park: ‘Growing the business of esports means it’s OK to support multiple teams’

August 2, 2019

Hardly a big sporting event passes nowadays without some hyperventilated storyline about teams probing loopholes in league rules and norms to gain an edge.

This spring, reigning National Basketball Association (NBA) MVP James Harden’s clever propensity to draw three-point fouls caused a ruckus that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban blamed on ‘league stupidity’ via Twitter.

Major League Baseball (MLB) reprimanded its teams last year for bringing sign-stealing into the 21st century, curbing tactics that deployed everything from Apple Watches to hidden cameras trained on the opponent’s dugout. And that’s to say nothing of the National Football League’s (NFL) experiences with Spygate, Bountygate, and Deflategate in just the last 12 years.

Esports is of course no less competitive than its analogue ancestors. Last month, the Magic Pro League banned a Magic The Gathering hall of fame inductee for marking his cards. And a few months earlier, a Clash Royale gamer got caught hiding AirPods under his headset to chat with his coach. So maybe it is just a matter of time before athletes in all sports leverage their local Apple Store for nefarious ends.

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