Owner of new Calgary eSports bar optimistic for its future

July 31, 2019

A Calgary business owner says a recent spike in city taxes won’t be an issue so long as the community supports his new eSports bar in the city’s southwest.

A revamp of the former Morgan’s Pub at 1324 17th Ave. S.W. turned the live music venue into a video game enthusiast’s dream; it’s now Ram Cross, Calgary’s first eSports bar.

“Taxes and other costs are something that could impact any business — if we receive that support from the government, from the city, that would be very helpful and we can (run with) that,” said Penman Nejad.

“The potential in Calgary is significant. There’s a number of generations here looking for new adventures and they’re all looking for something new. The reality here is the future looks different than how we grew up, with intelligent machines, computers.”

The bar will feature nearly two dozen gaming stations featuring high-end PC consoles, two 82-inch TV screens for streaming live competitive events and 55-inch TVs across the bar featuring more video game action.

To top it off, there will be a fully dedicated bar and casual food menu…

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