Becker College first in USA to offer esports management degree

June 27, 2018

Becker College is set to become the first institution in USA to offer a degree in ‘esports management’. The college in Worcester, Massachusetts will offer a Bachelor of Science in Esports Management via its business division, beginning in the fall of 2019. The course will be a four-year program.

Another sign of esports’ rapid growth
Esports scholarships are widely popular already in USA, but educational esports courses haven’t yet found their way into the mainstream. While Becker College will be the first in the country to offer a management degree, other colleges such as Oxford University and Syracuse University, which partnered with Twitch to introduce an ‘Esports and Media’ course, have already incorporated courses into their existing programs. Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom was the first college to offer students a degree in esports production after partnering with ESL UK.

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