gains exclusive streaming rights for Blizzard’s Overwatch League

January 9, 2018

Blizzard and Twitch, which worked together in the past to stream content, will collaborate again with Blizzard’s new Overwatch competitive league.

For the next two years, each season’s matches will be streamed on Twitch, which has emerged as the most popular online streaming service for teams, players, and enthusiasts.

The first match debuts at 4:00 pm PST (January 10, 2018) with the Los Angeles Valiant battling the San Fransisco Shock.

Blizzard had a taste of competitive gameplay with its own Starcraft series and World of Warcraft PVP Arena battles. As its only FPS game with a large player base, the Overwatch streamers have not seen the top matches in a long time.

The traction should be good….

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